Logitech Protects With New Security Cameras
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Users can now see what is going on inside their home or office as Logitech launches its video security camera line-up.

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According to the company, the two PC-based security cameras feature do-it-yourself (DIY), 15-minute setup; motion-activated e-mail alerts and free remote viewing on any PC with an Internet connection.

Logitech’s General Manager for ANZ, George Saad said, “Logitech is proud to bring its video security family of products to market in Australia and New Zealand. By harnessing the power of digital video, as well as the PC and Internet technology, we’ve made it easier for you to feel peace of mind in your home or at your business.”

The first two Logitech video-security cameras are available as starter packs or add-on cameras. They include the Logitech Indoor Video Security Master System, the Logitech Outdoor Video Security Master System, the Logitech Indoor Add-On Camera and the Logitech Outdoor Add-On Camera.

Logitech’s wireless video security system uses innovative HomePlug technology, which connects and transmits video data over your home’s existing electrical wiring. As a result, you’ll be up and running in 15 minutes – with no new wires to run and no network configuration.


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Once you’ve installed your camera(s), you can watch live video or review recorded video. The intelligent cameras detect motion and record video directly to your PC’s hard drive for easy playback and archiving. To give you easy access, the intuitive PC-based interface lets you easily navigate and set your preferences.

If there’s motion at your home or business, you can configure the system to send you e-mail or mobile-phone alerts. Additionally, you can log in to your password-protected online account to view live video online from an Internet-connected PC.

For maximum coverage, you can add up to six Logitech Indoor or Outdoor Cameras in any combination.

Pricing and Availability

The new Logitech video security products are expected to be available in Australia by October.

For the Logitech Indoor Video Security Master System and the Logitech Outdoor Video Security Master System, the suggested retail price is $499.95.

For the Logitech Indoor Add-On Camera, the Logitech Outdoor Add-On Camera or the Logitech, the suggested retail price in Australia is $399.95.

See: www.logitech.com