Logitech Scores Skype Video Deal
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Logitech is moving ahead with a range of Skype-Certified webcams and headsets it was revealed today. Skype has agreed to promote and even sell the accessories in its online store.

With the addition of video over IP in the latest release of the Skype client, webcam makers are in for a potential boom in interest. While Skype 2.0 is still in beta phase, the popularity of the client seems likely to drive sales into the home and small business environments.

To get the webcam to work with Skype, Logitech says it worked closely with Skype to ensure users get fully synchronised, high-quality video and audio communications over the Internet. The webcam delivers full screen video over the Skype client software.

The two companies plan to jointly market Skype Video and Logitech webcams and headsets worldwide, engaging in regional promotions and direct outreach to Logitech customers.  Skype will also offer select certified Logitech webcams and headsets for sale through its online store.

“We are delighted to team up with Skype to bring video to users worldwide,” said Marco Manera, general manager of Logitech Australia. “In a very brief period of time, the company has brought Internet calling into the mainstream. We’re confident it will bring similar momentum to video calling, as consumers see how useful and easy it can be. And we believe our lineup of webcams and headsets is the perfect complement to Skype Video.”

“Logitech is a recognised leader in webcams, and has been a pioneer in the use of video for Internet communications,” said James Bilefield, vice president of business development, Skype. “We have an insightful and advantageous relationship with Logitech, and we look forward to working together on this new feature for our customers.”

A marketshare leader, Logitech has already sold more than 25 million webcams sold offering a significant installed base. However, the new models which have been certified by Skype include QuickCam  models Fusion, Sphere, Pro 5000, Communicate STX and QuickCam for Notebooks Pro.

Logitech headsets that have been certified by Skype include the USB Premium 350, the USB 250, the Premium Stereo, and the Internet Chat Headset.