Lookout! Telstra To Police Android Malware
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Telstra are on the Lookout, to help its Android smartphone and tablet customers protect their devices from online threats and spyware. The telco has teamed up with mobile security company, Lookout, to develop the app which guards from malware, spyware, phishing, malicious links, and also scans thousands of apps to make sure they are safe.

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The Lookout app will even make your smartphone ‘scream’ – a function that sets off a high-pitched alarm to annoy thieves and alert others if your phone is being interfered with.

The Android app enables people to back up their phone data, find a missing device when it is lost or stolen and manage their phone security remotely.

The Lookout app is free and now available to download from the Telstra section of the Android Market.

Another option is the Lookout Premium service that includes advanced features such as anti-phishing protection, malicious website blocking, remote phone lock and wipe for $2.99 per month or $29.99 a year.

The rapid adoption of internet-connected smartphones and tablets means Australians needed to think about protecting their devices from internet threats like they protect their home PCs, says Telstra’s Director of Consumer Apps and Services, Freddie Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen.

“Smartphones and tablets are fast becoming our favorite personal computing devices. Although the chance of mobile devices being affected by a virus or malware is currently quite low, we expect cyber criminals to increasingly target these devices as they become richer sources of personal and financial data.

“Bad applications and malicious websites have the potential to access personal data on phones,” he added.

Lookout Premium includes all of the features available in the basic service, plus:


·    Phishing and malicious website blocking
·    Privacy advisor, which identifies apps that can access potentially sensitive data like contacts, location, SMS text messages
·    Backup of photos and call history to secure storage on the internet
·    Remote wipe of phone data including contacts, text messages, photos, email, browser history, and user accounts when a phone is lost
·    Remote lock of phone so that others can’t access its data or features
·    Transfer of backed up data to a new phone