LP Morgan Black Screen Makes Light Of Projection
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LP Morgan claims its new Noir projection screen technology allows viewers to enjoy high-quality projected images without having to sit in the dark.

Available in a range of sizes including up to and above two metres wide, the Noir is claimed to allow huge images to be seen without needing to kill the lights. It can be used in environments in which natural or artificial light is present and retain image brightness, says LP Morgan which claims its optical technology has been tested to deliver up to 10 times higher contrast and twice the brightness of traditional screens when measured side by side in 300 lux ambient light (a typical office environment is generally said to be 350 lux). LP Morgan says an ultra-fine pitch means the resolution and colour fidelity are always outstanding, delivering crisp clear and true-colour rich images.

A patented contrast enhancement filter is said to absorb incident light (from windows or room lights, etc) but reflect projected light back to the viewer. Projected images also pass through an optical lens system, focussing and concentrating the reflected light for additional brightness.

The black screen technology comes from several years of research with DNP optical laboratories in Denmark. Herma Technologies, the company behind the LP Morgan brand, won exclusive rights to distribute the Danish technology, including the DNP Supernova and in the Australian spin-off, LP Morgan Galleria Noir.

The screen is likely to win many fans in the home cinema market. Herma’s Carlinea Williamson was most enthusiastic about the project: “Our philosophy has always been about designing products that are not only optically and technically outstanding, but that are easy to live with – aesthetic design is crucial as we need to be feel comfortable with the technology in our living spaces. The Noir is the best of both because now you can enjoy the big screen experience, but you don’t have to have it dominate your room. You can flip through a magazine, do work during the ads, pass the plate of tapas – it’s designed for how we actually want to use entertainment technology.”

The Galleria Noir will be available through a selected LP Morgan dealer network, with the official launch at CEDIA on the Gold Coast in July. Prices range from $2899 for the 45 inch screen to $9999 for 120 inches.

See www.lpmorgan.com.au/noir

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