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EXCLUSIVE: Moto OZ To Get Makeover, Expanded Management, New Modular Models Tipped

By David Richards | Wednesday | 18/05/2016

The Lenovo owned Motorola Australia, is set to get a makeover, with the Company expanding their operations after a disastrous first quarter that saw sales slump over 80% compared to 2015.

According to Lenovo management the Company has recently appointed a new marketing manager Diana Jones, and is currently expanding support staff.

Nick Reynolds Chief Marketing Officer Asia Pacific for Lenovo said that Motorola is still an "important" brand for the Company.

While not directly under his management Reynolds said that Lenovo was still committed to the brand and that they were looking for "long term growth".

He said that the appointment of a new marketing manager will help the Motorola division improve their brand presence in Australia.

Yesterday ChannelNews exclusively revealed that Motorola sales had fallen from 31,000 units in the first quarter 2015, to just 4,000 units at in the same quarter 2016, a fall of 27,000 units.

Overnight Moto released the fourth generation Moto G handset, along with a new Moto G Play.

ChannelNews can also reveal that the Company is tipped to reveal a new Modular Moto Z model at the upcoming Lenovo Tech World Conference on June 9th.

The introduction of the Z branding will see the Moto X branding killed off with the Company confident that their new modular smartphone strategy will appeal to consumers.

ChannelNews has also been told that Motorola devices are on the way to replace the existing Play and Style handsets.

In the past Motorola has had shocking PR and a poor response to past smartphones models, resulting in limited ranging in Australia by retailers and carriers.

The two new flagships will be called Moto Z Play and Moto Z Style, they will both have 5.5-inch displays.

The Motorola products set to be revealed at Tech World, are codenamed Vertex (Moto Z Play) and Vector Thin (Moto Z Style) will also feature modular backpacks.

Among the add on features there is tipped to be a Pico projector, an optical zoom lens, stereo speakers and an optional attach keyboard.

Yesterday we revealed that Sony who also saw sales crash over 80% is looking to launch the Xperia Z smartphone.

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