Maxtor Armoured Drive For Total Data Protection
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The new portable hard drive from Maxtor will provide you with government-grade security, thanks to its encrypting storage solution.

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Named BlackArmour, this new device claims to provide AES government-grade encryption solution that protects against ‘unauthorised access to valuable and private information.’

Using Seagate Secure technology, Maxtor’s BlackArmour drive is designed to keep data locked up and protected in the event of loss or theft. Seagate Secure technology is a hardware-based encryption, making the encryption transparent to the user and free of complicated installation and use procedures required by software-based security.

This device provides transparent, real-time encryption of all that data on the device, not just selected files; providing performance and ease of use advantages over manual software-based security controls. The BlackArmour product also puts all security keys and cryptographic operations within the device, delivering protection against hacking and tampering.


Senior Analyst of Information Security at Enterprise Strategy Group, John Oltsik said, “Government regulations on organisations that manage confidential and personal information continue to get more stringent, making security of sensitive information a mission-critical requirement. Unfortunately, this is a monumental set of tasks that organisations are faced with, when confidential data is created, copied, and stored across the enterprise at an ever-increasing rate from data centre systems to desktop and mobile devices.”

Seagate Asia Pacific’s vice President and managing Director, BanSeng Teh said, “Maxtor storage solutions are focused on security and back up of your valued digital assets. BlackArmour is an innovative new product that delivers on the promise of providing our customers with a level of security that is both reliable and robust, for a plug-and-play, easy-to-manage storage device.”

Availability and Pricing:

The Maxtor BlackArmour will be available in 160GB and 320GB and will have an RRP of $179 and $259, respectively.