Maxtor Cranks Out One Terabyte OneTouch
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Maxtor’s says its newest OneTouch takes the complexities out of RAID and delivers a simple-to-use, easy-to-understand solution for the consumer mass market. We just reckon it holds a lot of data.

With capacities up to one terabyte (1TB or 1,000GB), the Maxtor OneTouch III, Turbo Edition supports either RAID 0 or RAID 1 and includes new software tools to synchronise data between two or more computers.

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Maxtor has also updated the industrial design giving the OneTouch III an edge on the older styled OneTouch offerings. The design updates are not just on the outside of the case, though. Maxtor has also updated the user interface and redesigned the retail packaging.

But wait, there’s more, Maxtor has also done some work on the internal design, improving the acostics and adding a self-adjusting cooling system. The inner disk drive casing also got shock mounts for additional drive protection.

“As a leader in consumer storage and backup solutions, our job is to help protect our customers’ digital lives. We’re thinking about the difficult things so our consumers don’t have to. We want data backup and protection to be virtually effortless,” said Stacey Lund, vice president of marketing, Maxtor Branded Products Group.

On the security front Maxtor has included a Norton Go-Back style System Rollback feature which reverts a PC system to a healthier point in time while preserving current data. Password protection (DriveLock) provides safeguard if the drive is ever lost or stolen and embedded firmware protects the drive from snoops even if it is removed from the casing.

The OneTouch III won’t hit the US shelves until December, with availability expected locally in the New Year. Suggested retail price for the 600GB is US$549.95 and US$899.95 for the 1TB.