Maxtor Takes OneTouch III On Road
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Maxtor has released its first mini drive to address the increasing importance of mobile solutions.

It weighs in at less than 200 grams, but Maxtor’s OneTouch III still manages a 100GB storage capacity and priced at $299. A 60GB version is also available retailing at $199.

The Mini Edition drive comes fully loaded with the Maxtor’s digital content management software and  automated backup, data encryption, data synchronisation and System Rollback to restore applications and operating system while keeping digital files current.

The disk is housed in a case with Titanium metallic paint and black rubber side panels to protect against vibration and give the device a non-slip feel. Because of its rugged industrial design and compact size, the system can be stowed and transported easily in a purse, backpack or briefcase, says the company.

“There_s been mounting interest from our global network of retailers and distributors to provide a strong portable offering,” said Craig Davis, Director, Branded Products Group Sales, Maxtor Asia Pacific. “Our latest innovation lets people easily take their digital content with them so they can access it whenever and wherever they need it. It also makes it easy for people to back up and synchronise business data and files, or to share and enjoy photos, music and video while away from home or office. It safely and simply unleashes digital content from the desktop.”

“With the fast rise of mobile computing, our retailers are eager to supply the market with sleek and trusted storage for people on the go,” he said. “The Maxtor OneTouch III, Mini Edition provides a high level of security for mobile users, along with some innovative software features that make it easier to manage and protect files.”

For added data security, which is a particular concern for on-the-go business users, the Maxtor OneTouch III, Mini Edition drive includes two levels of security: software encryption to safeguard its contents if the drive is ever lost or stolen, and Maxtor DriveLock, embedded firmware that further restricts data access should it fall into the wrong hands. The firmware is designed to deny access without the correct password even if the internal hard drive is removed from the casing and attached to another computer.

Harris Technology, Dick Smith Electronics, Officeworks, Harvey Norman, and City Software are all signed on to sell the portable hard drives.