Microsoft Close To Fujitsu Cloud Deal
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Australia is expected to be one of the target markets for a new cloud computing alliance to be set up by Microsoft and Fujitsu.

The two companies this week are expected to announce plans for the alliance, according to a Wall Street Journal report.
The tie-up would reportedly allow Microsoft to take advantage of Fujitsu’s datacentres and customer base. In turn Fujitsu would be able to offer Microsoft’s Windows Azure, which gives Internet-based access to Windows software stored at datacentres.
The WSJ says Fujitsu plans to set up platforms for cloud computing at existing datacentres in Australia, Singapore, Germany, the UK and the USA by the end of the current fiscal year.
Fujitsu has already said it plans to spend 100 billion yen (A$1.28 billion) on cloud computing-related businesses in its current fiscal year. The figure includes spending on R&D as well as capital expenditure.
= Fujitsu Australia was one of a number of companies that recently missed making the shortlist for tenders to build two giant datacentres for the NSW Government, aimed at taking the place of 130 existing centres.