Microsoft Office 15 "Goes Wherever You Go," Even On Cranes
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Microsoft has let a video introducing its new Office 15 software slip through its fingers where it has ended up on the World Wide Web.

The clip appears to be an intro to its new Office 15 software, due to replace the current Office 11, and was leaked to Within Windows. “Welcome to Office 15” an animated voice begins. “It’s your office: it goes wherever you go.”

It appears Microsoft is following in Google’s footsteps by making documents available online, allowing them to be shared across multiple devices seamlessly. The move will help Microsoft distribute documentation across its unified metro devices which includes smartphones, tablets, computers and perhaps its Xbox 360 console.


“When you sign into Office it’s easy to keep your documents safely online. That way they travel with you to all of your devices,” the video boasts.

Recently Microsoft’s Word has copped slack for not being simple enough, particularly following a provocative opinion piece posted on the SMH titled “Death To Microsoft Word.”

A poll of 35,651 people indicates roughly one in four believes the app “needs to die, quickly.” Microsoft will be hoping the new Office 15 will see that figure decline.