Microsoft Office App Available In November, Report
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Android and iOS tablets are about to get smarter as reports indicate Microsoft’s Office will be available as an app by November 2012.

The app version of Office will be available for Apple’s iPad and a slew of Android tablets. It will feature “the full Office suite,” presumably including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. There’s a good chance Microsoft’s SkyDrive will be tied into the mobile application as well, liberating valuable tablet storage while subtly recruiting users to its cloud solution.

Creating an Office application for tablets is a logical move for Microsoft who has to roll with the dynamic shift from traditional PC computing to solutions that are mobile. It already offers Office on Mac OS X, and by creating a platform-friendly Office app, more people will use (and rely on) its Office suite.

The initial Boy Genius Report claims Microsoft is aiming for a November launch. If so, the launch will coincide with the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS and the upgraded Microsoft Office 15, benefitting from an anticipated marketing frenzy.

Microsoft has described Office 15 as their division’s “most ambitious undertaking” yet.

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Currently Microsoft offers SkyDrive and OneNote apps compatible with Apple’s iOS, with the latter also available on Google’s Android.