Microsoft Office For Android Users Officially Launched
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Microsoft who are working hard to strip revenue away from retailers in an effort to sell direct has officially launched the Office for Android phone suite, following a five-week preview period.

The software prompts consumers to upgrade directly to Office


From today, Android smartphone owners can download the

suite, which includes full access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The release for Google-powered phones follows previous

launches for Android tablets, iPhone and iPad, as well as the desktop


Just like those previous mobile releases, Redmond is

offering subscription-free access to the core suite to anyone with a Microsoft


Some features are still behind the Office 365 paywall, but

everyday users will be able to use the apps to create, open edit, save and

share their documents, presentations and spreadsheets directly from the

smartphone app.

Of course, the files exist in the cloud and all changes are

synced back to the main document using Microsoft’s OneNote storage platform, as

well as partner solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.

The new apps have been designed for touchscreen and the

Android smartphone experience, with Microsoft calling them “the real Office


Microsoft says it tested the tools on 1,900 different

Android devices so there should be few compatibility problems for those jumping

on board with Office for Android phone.

As well as becoming available to download, the Office suite

will also ship built-in to mobile devices from 30 different manufacturers,

including Sony phones and Samsung tablets, among others.