Microsoft Slaps Apple Back, Breaking Records
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Microsoft has announced a record breaking quarter for the second time running. With the meteoric success Apple has been having you’d be forgiven for thinking that Microsoft’s financials would’ve taken a hit. And despite its US$17.37 billion quarter earnings, you’d be right.

Windows, which has been Microsoft’s second greatest earnings division, has been idling poorly with a 1 per cent drop in the quarter (2 per cent over the year). With Windows 7 selling over 400 million copies, the financial black sheep would be the Window’s phone division, which Microsoft recently conceded is struggling in the mobile market.

Ironically the business savvy company attributes its climbing profits to its record selling gaming console. The Xbox, and its Kinect controller technology, experienced a 30 per cent rise in revenue for the quarter, totalling a 45 per cent increase over the year.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine has also been steaming ahead with a 17 per cent increase in revenue growth in the quarter, stealing market share from its rivals.

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In total the company broke another record, generating a yearly revenue total of US$64.94 billion.