Microsoft To Make Apple's iPad Productive
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The Apple iPad could become much more productive following reports a Microsoft’s Office application is weeks away.

Word of a Microsoft Office suite designed for Apple’s iPad tablet first surfaced in September of 2011. Five months on and The Daily is claiming they’ve had some hands on time with the in-development application.

They claim the suite resembles Microsoft’s OneNote application (currently offered on Apple’s App Store) but has been influenced by its Metro interface. The metro interface dons an orthogonal design shared across Microsoft’s Xbox, upcoming Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Up until now tablets have been perceived as ill content creation tools. The introduction of an Office App, which introduces Microsoft’s famed Word, Excel and PowerPoint to the iPad, could be the first step in shifting public perception.

An Android Office application is not in the works according to the sources.

Currently Apple’s iPad accounts for more than 70% of tablets sold. A Microsoft Office app could help keep sales strong while Microsoft profits from their rival’s computer innovation. The application will fall under the portfolio of Microsoft’s Business Division, which so far generates the most revenue and operating income for Microsoft.

At present the launch date is up in the air, but the project has been wrapped up and is expected to be submitted to Apple so it can be listed on their App Store. The Daily believes it could be stocked on virtual shelves within weeks.