Mining Boom Equals IT Boom
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For those IT distributors who think that digging holes in the ground and selling laptops are not related, think again, as Queensland-based Infortech Distribution has found that the two industries are virtually linked at the hip.

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According to managing director Joseph Espinoza, IT and mining are proving to be a winning combination.

“Every time a new mine is set up, they need computers, laptops, networks, routers and that means more business for companies like ours”, says Espinoza, adding that was one reason why his company has opened a new office in Western Australia. “WA is booming with the mines just like up here in Queensland”, says Espinoza.

Infortech distributes for a number o brands like Canon, Epson and Fujitsu and is also the exclusive distributor of SnapGear routing and network products, which he says are also selling like hotcakes thanks to the explosion in mining in the state.

At present says Espinoza, “we are selling about $100,000 per month of SnapGear products and that is certainly on the increase”.
The company at present is turning over some $5 million annually but notes Espinoza, “we are looking at that increasing by up to 50 per cent in the next 12 to 18 months- all thanks to mining”.

Although to be fair, Espinoza notes that another big sector for the company is the Government one, because “government departments turn over their IT equipment every couple of years”.

And Espinoza concludes, the Queensland IT market is “Beautiful one day, booming the next”.