Mio Launches GPS On A Budget
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With portable GPS devices taking off in Australia, Mio has unveiled two new offerings, including an entry-level model aimed at the budget-minded.

Mio Australia National Sales Manager Peter Ferrigno said at the launch of two new devices that since portable GPS devices have become so popular in Australia, the demographic of those wanting a device is quite diverse. Accordingly the new Mio units have been designed to be user-friendly to people of all ages and not necessarily ‘tech-heads’.

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The two new handheld GPS devices by Mio include an entry-level model (C220) and a higher-end model (C520).

The C220 (RRP $499) focuses on navigation functionality only, with the latest R14 Sensis mapping with over 500,000 points of interest included. Mio says the reason it is able to keep the cost of the device down is because it conducts its own research and development, manufacturing and marketing. The device features a 3.5-inch screen.

The C520 (RRP $699) offers the same mapping data and points of interest, but features a larger, 4.3-inch screen, as well as an MP3 player, Bluetooth compatibility and split-screen technology. The latter is a world first for portable GPS devices, the company claims.

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Split-screen allows you to see the map on one side of the screen, with the other side giving you information such as upcoming turns, attractions or your speed limit.

See: www.mio-tech.com.au