Mitsubishi Rolls Out The Display Cube
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Mitsubishi Electric has released VS-80PH40U display cube, a 80-inch rear projection cube featuring the latest in Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology.

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With a resolution of 1400 x 1050 the projection cube is designed for wall displays in control rooms, emergency operation centres and for public information displays such as airports and train stations.

The VS-80PH40U display cube produces crisp and vibrant images, which are configured to ergonomically match today’s brightest desktop monitors.

These models can be joined up to three screens high without a brace or support and as many long as is required to make a single large screen, and with only a 1 mm seam between each cube.

Other features include dynamic brightness balancing; a sensor that communicates between all attached cubes to ensure uniform brightness across the whole display, as well as an exclusive lamp changer; which automatically switches to a new lamp once the current one has reached the end of its life.

 Installation and service time can be reduced using remote mechanical adjustments to the image geometry.


This time saving device enables a single technician to make slight adjustments to create a precise image alignment across the video wall display.

Mitsubishi Electric’s exclusive Smart Lamp Module in each display stores its own colour characteristics. This data is accessed when swapping the lamp in one or more cubes within the display wall.

Upon replacement, the cube with the new lamp automatically communicates that lamp’s data with all other cubes and performs the Colour Space Control adjustment to rebalance the entire display wall, saving time and reducing maintenance costs.

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