Mobile Consumers Confused
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Most consumers don’t know how much mobile broadband data they need, with many spending more than they need, according to a broadband comparison site.

Some 1700 visitors to were asked how much data they use each month – the majority (54 percent) admitted that they did not know.

Most mobile broadband contract users have a monthly data cap, which is typically between 1GB and 12GB.

Rob Webber, commercial director of Broadband Expert, says it is likely that many customers are spending much more than they need to on their monthly cap.

“The current range of mobile broadband plans is from around $20 per month for 1GB rising to $90 per month for 10GB+. Occasional users or those likely to keep to a very low monthly download (just sending e-mail and browsing the Web) would be better off with a prepaid plan so they aren’t paying for data they don’t need,” he says.