Mobile Users Want The Power
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According to, IBM has released a study, which reveals 80 per cent of consumers want a service provider that gives them more choice in the applications and services available on their mobile device.

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The study, titled, “Go mobile, grow” was produced by IBM’s Institute for Business Value and shows consumers are demanding customisation and personalisation and this will drive innovation and open standards in the mobile marketplace.

The report notes the market for mobile Internet services is estimated “to reach US$80 billion by 2011, with increasing usage expected to fuel growth in both the provision of services and mobile Internet advertising. At the same time, the number of mobile Internet users worldwide is projected to approach 1 billion, a 191 per cent increase from 2006”.

The IBM survey found the mobile web will “increasingly be used for utility and transactional services”.
For example, nearly “60 per cent of consumers are interested in banking via mobile devices. Other utility services include e-mail, instant messaging, stock trading, news and information and general browsing”.

Also, entertainment applications are growing in popularity with the IBM study finding “53 per cent of consumers interested in mobile TV and 45 per cent interest in buying music via mobile devices”, the report notes.