Multimedia Technology Scores Plextor
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IT distributor Multimedia Technology has been appointed as the exclusive Australian distributor for the Plextor range of DVD recorders which are often referred to as “The Rolls Royce of burners and optical drives.

Mike Muscat, Purchasing Manager of Multimedia Technology, said today “Multimedia was built on a foundation of a specialisation in optical drives right from day one. Over the past 15 years, we have achieved great success selling brands such as Pioneer, Sony and BenQ, and now the Plextor drives merely compliment these already successful ranges.”

He added “Plextor produce the world’s fastest DVD recorders. With 18x DVD+/-R and 10x DVD+R DL write speeds, it’s easy to see why they are so highly regarded. Yet it is with unique features such as AutoStrategy that they really stand out”.

Plextors AutoStrategy ensures the ultimate writing quality by selecting the optimised write strategy for each DVD disc and, if necessary, it creates a new write strategy for unknown media. (DVD+/-R) A separate database stores all strategies that are created by the AutoStrategy function for media that is not currently supported in the firmware.

A maximum of 31 write strategies can be held in the non-volatile memory of the drive. The entries can be activated, de-activated, or deleted. The user can select the appropriate write strategy from the AutoStrategy database or from the database that resides in the drive’s firmware by activating a different Mode.

For those in “the know”, the Plextor name has always been synonymous with quality, performance and innovation. Now that Multimedia has secured national distributorship, we are excited about the prospects of educating the broader Australian market on the unique benefits that Plextor has to offer.

Plextor DVD recorders are now available now from Multimedia Technology.