Mustering experts on convergence issues
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Industry leaders are being rounded up by leading communications forum to give advice on convergence issues.

The Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF) has gathered experts from some of the industry’s leading bodies to consider the issues posed by the converged regulatory and technical environment.
The new ACIF Convergence Group will advise on the best way to tackle issues relating to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Next Generation Networks (NGN) , content and other associated areas.
The emphasis of the Convergence Group will be on developing outcomes tailored to the specific issues and could involve the production of fact sheets, holding of forums, development of codes or standards etc.
As well as the traditional telecommunications sector, there are representatives from broadcasting, content providers, internet service providers, regulators and consumer organisations.
According to ACIF’s chief executive officer, Anne Hurley, who chairs the new group, the convergence of multiple technologies was blurring the boundaries of the various regulatory regimes and creating new challenges which the industry needed to address.
“We are certainly entering an era of dynamic flux which will require some new  and imaginative responses from a regulatory perspective,” Hurley said. “This is the type of situation where the self-regulatory model is at its best because we believe that the best outcomes for all stakeholders can be achieved by co-operation.
“The ACIF Convergence Group will offer the opportunity for a broad cross-section of interested parties to sit down together and come up with some practical solutions without the need for government intervention.”