NBN To Offer Bigger Data Satellite Broadband Plans
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NBN states that it will make bigger data plans available upon the launch of its Sky Muster satellite broadband service in the second quarter of next year.NBN today announced that “through an innovative process of network optimisation” it “has been able to provide wholesale plans with significantly more capacity than originally planned”, with Sky Muster designed to deliver wholesale speeds of up to 25/5 Mbps, and the optimisation plan allowing wholesale data allowances of up to 150 GB per month.

Plans are also underway for additional allowances for distance education students, NBN stated. NBN will consult with industry on plans to provide a separate 50 GB monthly data allowance to eligible distance education students.

The plans will be offered to retail service providers, which in turn are expected to launch plans at varying price points, ranging from low-cost to heavy data plans. Entry-level wholesale plans will enable providers to offer up to 75 GB per month plans during peak periods, while higher value wholesale options could allow providers to construct peak usage plans up to 150 GB per month.

“The capacity increase has been made possible through a combination of covering premises with other NBN technologies and making more use of the second purpose-built broadband satellite due to be launched next year,” NBN stated.

“As part of this strategy – budgeted for in the current Corporate Plan – 40,000 premises are set to move to the fixed line and fixed wireless footprint, resulting in more available capacity on the satellite network.”

NBN’s second satellite is set to play a greater role than originally planned, with NBN effectively utilising the unallocated capacity of the satellite.

“Children living in rural and remote locations have long suffered poor access to broadband,” Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association (ICPA) federal president Wendy Hick commented. “The impact on schooling has caused serious concerns amongst users.

“Today’s announcement is the result of collaboration between NBN, government and organisations such as ICPA working together to address the challenges presented. This should allow Australian children to keep up to speed with their education, no matter where they live.”