NEC Cuts LCD Monitor Range
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NEC Australia has altered the product focus within its LCD monitor business, halting distribution of its entry-level models and focusing instead on monitors that offer higher specifications for a higher retail price.

While NEC Australia can’t confirm yet which model numbers will be cut from the brand’s office line-up which also includes projectors, marketing manager Michelle Hancox told SmartHouse News that the decision was part of the company’s “new business strategy”.

The brand’s entry-level range is called ‘Value Series’, and includes AccuSync and Hanover LCD screens ranging from 17 to 22 inches.

Hancox confirmed that the new direction has nothing to do difficulty in accessing stock, since a recent LCD monitor plant burst into flames in China, ruining 16 of its 20 manufacturing lines.

The plant in question, called Lite-on, is well-known for supplying OEM monitors to NEC.