NEC Tuner Brings IPTV Content To Public LCD Displays
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NEC Australia has come up with a breakthrough accessory for its public LCD displays, allowing users to capture streamed HD video content for use in areas of digital signage, education, corporate in-house information and entertainment.

The DVB-T Board is an analogue, digital and IPTV tuner module which allows streamed HD video content be captured through the built-in expansion slot of NEC’s P and X Series LCD Public Display products.

It provides users with a simple and cost-effective way of receiving TV signals on a commercial public display. With an option slot integrated within the display the user does not need any additional cables or external devices and can operate the tuner conveniently using the display’s remote control. TV Channels can also be changed via LAN through the built-in HTTP server which is extremely convenient for central control of multiple screens.
The addition of IPTV capabilities allows the DVB-T Board to capture and display programming through an encoded video stream and supports common video and audio decoding formats. The device has been primarily designed for IT networks where streaming video can be broadcast, whether it be one channel or multiple via unicast or multicast broadcasting. 

Users can store video content at the server’s location and stream to the displays’ locations throughout the facility, whether in airports, schools, public information areas or corporate buildings.  Managing signals throughout the network from a single device means that it is easier for the user to handle and it saves money, too.

Steven Macdonald, National Sales Manager for NEC’s Display Solutions division, said: “The DVB-T Board provides three solutions in one single module. Users can receive DVB-T, Digital and Analogue Terrestrial Television signals as well as IPTV via the option slot on their display.  This ensures that your NEC Display is capable of receiving video via past, present and future video transmission methods.” 


The DVB-T Board’s specifications include:

System compatibility with both digital and analogue terrestrial broadcasts 
Supports NEC P401, P461, P521, P701, X462UN and X461HB 
Flexible connectivity with RJ-45 Ethernet Port, remote control over the network via a web browser 
Captures streamed video content in high-definition 
Supports multiple video and audio codec 
Compatible with Unicast RTP and Multicast RTP 
Auto scan function scans and detects available channels 
Visual meter on display to determine terrestrial channel strength 
Statically assign an IP address or automatically via DHCP enabled networks 
Simplified operation through the display’s remote control and on screen display (OSD) 

The DVB-T Board is available now, through authorised resellers on NEC display solutions and carries an RRP of $583.00 (inc GST).  It ships with a three year limited parts and labour warranty.