NetComm Kits Simplify Home Networking
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NetComm has launched new home networking products that instantly connects home entertainment products to the Internet.

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NetComm NP203

The NP203 Home Entertainment Connection Kit consists of a 4-port desktop powerline adapter and a single port desktop powerline adapter that claims to deliver data rates of up to 200Mbps. It is able to connect up to four devices, has a range of up to 300 metres (point to point) and has a security push button for simple setup of powerline network.

The company has also unveiled the NP121 Wireless Home AV Connection Kit, two pre-paired wireless routers that allow users to set their wireless network connection instantly. This AV kit supports wireless N for speeds of up to 300Mbps and four Ethernet ports for wired connections at each end, eliminating Ethernet cables running across the floor.

Both products in NetComm’s AV Series are capable of high speed data transmission for streaming HD media and come with advanced security features to ensure network security from unauthorised outside sources.

NetComm’s General Manager, Danny Morrison said, “The products in the NetComm AV Series have been simplified to make the user’s experience as easy as possible. Every household is unique so we have launched both the NP203 Home Entertainment Connection Kit and NP121 Wireless Home AV Connection Kit to ensure a seamless connection between the modem and home entertainment area whatever the size, layout or location of the household.”

Pricing will be announced at a later date.