Netgear Back In Harvey Norman Stores
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Netgear is back in at Harvey Norman according to a Harvey Norman franchisee. Late last month Harvey Norman management kicked Netgear out of their stores after senior management of the Company found out that Netgear had struck a deal with arch rival Woolworths.

Netgear Managing director Ian McLean has refused to comment however a leading Harvey Norman franchisee told SmartHouse Reseller that all problems that existed have been overcome. They said” Netgear is a leading brand in the wireless market. People actually come in and ask for Netgear. They have done a good job of building the brand while also delivering a product that performs. It was ridiculous to kick them out in the first place as it is brands like Netgear where we make our money. The other problem is that Netgear are innovators in the Wireless market and next year they could well have the hottest wireless product on the block, Harvies could not afford not to have a leading edge product”.

When Netgear was removed from Harvey Norman stores Ian McLean said “We knew that they were not happy with us growing our business via Big W but to remove us from their stores is a bit rich” Nicole, an IT sales assistant at Harvey Norman Auburn said “We are removing Netgear from our store. We have some Netgear ADSL Firewall routers but when these are sold they will not be replaced. A big loser in the re in statement of Netgear back into Harvey Norman stores is set to be D Link who was banking on them picking up the slack due to Belkin having an inferior wireless 80.2.11 G product range and Linksys not being ranged at all in Harvey Norman stores. However this could change with new management at Harvey Norman now reviving the Linksys product range for stores in 2006.