Netgear Unveils New Powerline Adapters
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Netgear has launched new powerline kits that provide data transfer speeds of up to 500Mbps on a user’s electrical outlets.

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The Netgear Powerline AV 500 Adapter Kit (XAVB5001) is smaller than a deck of cards and up to 50 percent smaller than competing products, while the Powerline AV+ 500 Adapter Kit (XAVB5501) offers a cutting-edge integrated filtered power socket for “pass-through” capability. This will enable customers to connect a wide range of power-hungry and electrically noisy devices while still maintaining the highest performance. Both powerlines promise speeds of up to 500 Mbps, whole-home coverage and good performance.

Netgear’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, Ryan Parker said, “Netgear continues to drive its leadership in the Powerline networking space in a global capacity through providing innovative, high performance products. The Australian market has been slow to adopt Powerline technology for in home distribution of network access, the Internet and personal media.”

“However with the advent of Home Plug AV (200MB) and now the Powerline AV+ range, we are excited by the enthusiasm from our channel partners to take on the challenge of educating the Australian and NZ consumers on the benefits of using Powerline to internet connect every room in the home for hi def media streaming,” added Parker.


The adapters incorporate the latest in technology innovations and are designed to be compatible with the draft international IEEE P1901 powerline standard. Thus, these solutions provide greater speeds for bandwidth-hungry applications such as lag-free Internet gaming, Voice over IP (VoIP), large file transfers to networked devices, and even simultaneous 1080p HD video streaming to multiple TVs throughout the home.

Features of the new Powerline include:

  • 500 Mbps PHY rates and Gigabit link rates
  • Backwards compatibility with other HomePlug AV products from NETGEAR, as well as other installed HomePlug AV-certified products from other vendors.
  • Designed for compatibility with the draft IEEE P1901 global standard for high-speed powerline communications.
  • Ideal for use with Internet-connected devices that demand high bandwidth, such as the NETGEAR Digital Entertainer Express (EVA9100), Elite (EVA9150) and Live (EVA2000) digital media players, Blu-ray players, TiVo, AppleTV, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, DVRs and network-enabled TVs.

Local pricing will be announced at a later date.