Networking Over Power Lines Coming Soon
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Networking company Netgear is promising to turn your home’s electrical system into a high speed network capable of carrying high-definition video around the home.

 At the recent KickStart Media Conference Netgear boss Ian McLean alluded to Netgear being in the market for networking over power lines. 

Now we can reveal that Netgear has teamed up with chipset company Design of Systems on Silicon (DS2) and developed homeplug style device that will pump content around the home at 200Mbits/sec without having to lay any cables. Using DS2’s Powerline HD chipset the new products will turn your plug socket into a high-speed broadband connection.

Additional devices plugged in around the home will create a flexible network to stream content to and from PCs, set-top boxes, hifis, games consoles and TVs. This is not the first technology to use the electrical wiring system to create a communications network, but it is the first to promise high-speed delivery of high-definition content.

The first products will be on preview at the upcoming Cebit show and will be available to buy in Q2.