New Advanced Novix Commercial Screen
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Importer and distributor Image Design Technology is now shipping the Novix Systems Praxino manual pull-down and motorised rear projection screen, designed for providing eye-catching displays in retail outlets, store front locations, digital signage applications and clubs and hotels.

Previously called the Immagine screen, the Praxino range incorporates an advanced 3D layered polyester-based optical film for high quality images with high resolution and wide viewing angles, says IDT.

With minute prisms forming the underlying structure of the screen, light is dispersed horizontally and vertically, making the screen ideal for positions where viewers may not necessarily be square-on to the screen, the company said.

“The Praxino range has great potential across a large range of applications,” said IDT marketing manager, Warwick Maver.

“The flexibility in size and mounting options means that customers can install a screen to meet their exact requirements. The viewing angle and image quality also greatly increase the impact of the display”.


Praxino screens can be custom-made in almost any shape for unique circular, triangular or hexagonal screens in sizes 49 inches, 66 inches and 80 inches in 4:3 aspect ratio and 45 inches, 60 inches and 72 inches in 16:9 format, in both manual pull down and motorised rear projection models.

“Praxino manual pull down and motorised rear projection screens can be innovatively stored when not in use for projection by being conveniently rolled away. This makes Praxino ideal for retail applications or front of window displays, as when not in use, the rolled away screen allows for a completely unimpeded view. Praxino Screens also allow total edge to edge image projection and have no black borders or masking on the sides of the screens,” said the company.

Customised screens include banner signage, rear projection manual retractable screen, rear projection remote control motorised screen, and rear projection automated control motorised screen.

Pricing will vary depending upon the size of the Immagine 3D Layered Rear Projection Screen starting at $870.