New BenQ Monitor With Smart Focus Enhances 3D
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The latest LED monitor from BenQ, paralleling top flatscreen TV functions, is hitting stores soon.
Announced back in January, the EW2430V is set to be released this month, sporting a range of high-end specs like a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, 3D support, minimal light leakage and the same wide viewing angle of BenQ’s latest releases.

 The high contrast ratio means the brighter whites and darker blacks are more defined when you’re in a dark room, so the true 8-bit colour panel’s visuals stands out.

There’s also enhanced 3D support on this model, including automatic noise reduction to create sharper 3D picture and de-interlacing to reduce the flickering effect you get with many 3D movies.

A ‘smart focus’ addition allows users to pinpoint a window on the screen and make that the focal point, so that it stands out from the rest of the visual content on the monitor – like having a video open next to a word document you’re ignoring. ‘Super resolution’ increases the density of low res images, so that if it’s small videos files you’re playing, they’ll come out looking a little better.

There’s also a long range of connectivity options include component jacks, HDMI ports, D-Sub and DVI-D ports for gaming consoles and USB ports.

The BenQ EW2430V hits stores this month, retailing at $449.