New Database Software For Mac Leopard
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FileMaker’s personal organiser and database for Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard, called Bento, is now available for public preview at FileMaker’s website.

Users can download the preview version at for free.

Bento, which is specifically designed to operate in conjunction with the latest Leopard operating system, helps Mac users organise their lives by giving them a single place to store and access their important information such as contacts and calendards.

The program automatically displays contacts and calendars kept within Address Book and iCal, however there is no need to re-enter existing names, phone numbers, email addresses and upcoming events into Bento.

“Bento is the personal database for the millions of Mac users who appreciate the elegance and ease of use of their Mac,” said FileMaker president, Dominique Goupil. 

“With Bento, we are providing an incredibly easy way to manage all your information — iCal calendar events, Address Book contacts, digital media and files — all in one place, effortlessly.”

Key features of Bento include: built-in links to Address Book and iCal; stylish templates and themes, works with iPhone and .Mac, iTunes-like search; and drag, drop and import with ease, according to FileMaker.

There have already been 8,000 downloads of the software in its first hour of release, says the company.