New Digital Flipchart Launched By ACCO
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The Nobo Kapture digital flipchart from ACCO is a new product that enables users to capture, edit and share meeting notes instantly.

Designed to save time, the Nobo Kapture digital flipchart features a simple plug and play solution to make note-taking at meetings, training sessions or brainstorming workshops hassle-free. After writing on the flipchart with the Nobo Kapture digital marker pens, the notes are instantly transferred via a Bluetooth-enabled USB receiver onto a PC/ Mac and can be shared via email almost immediately. Images and charts can also be captured with ease.

The Nobo Kapture digital flipchart is able to share information in real time, making it ideal for use in live meetings.

Janice Choo, Product Manager for Nobo, says, ” the Nobo Capture digital flipchart is a reliable, simple solution to working interactively and is cleverly designed for the effective sharing of group thoughts and discussions as you write. It is a unique product, which will enhance and revolutionise the way users share information and work in the future.”

Nobo Kapture is available through Ingram Micro. The starter kit, which includes one digital marker pen and one 20-page flipchart pad, has an RRP of $299, while the office kit, containing one digital marker pen and three 60-page flipchart pads, has an RRP of $499. Additional pens, flipchart pads and coloured inks are also available.