New iPhone 5 To Get 4 Inch Screen
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The new iPhone 5 could have a four inch screen, if a touchscreen digitiser seen in China proves to be for the new device.

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Picture iDeals China

Rumors of an iPhone 5 with a four-inch display gained support at the weekend when a noticeably larger, edge-to-edge screen was revealed by  iDealsChina.

The image which came from An Apple supplier in China suggests that Apple is trying to improve the antenna performance of their iPhone after problems with the iPhone 4 model.

Electronista said that if If it reaches the market, the screen is expected to keep the 960×640 resolution of the iPhone 4 for the sake of app compatibility but would be easier to read at a distance and potentially better for watching videos. Most doubts around a larger screen persist around the changes in interface size, since buttons and navigation bars would remain the same.

The web site said that a move to four inches would most likely be to help counter perceptions that Apple is lagging behind Android manufacturers in screens. The iPhone 4’s display is higher resolution than on the Samsung Galaxy S and most other four-inch or larger screens, but it now represents one of the smallest displays for a high-end smartphone. Apple may also be losing its resolution edge as phones like the Motorola Atrix 4G are now using 540×960 resolutions.