New Look Belkin Goes After Wireless Market Share
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Belkin Australia have held their first press conference in several years in an attempt to build their brand in the highly competitive wireless market. The company, which also sells bags, iPod and iPad accessories, and PC peripherals, is attempting to grow after a rocky period when several staff quit and senior management was replaced.

Globally Belkin is looking to change direction, with the company set to start offering home energy management products. 

Last month the Company invested in Juice Technologies, a start-up which makes equipment for charging electric vehicles and home energy monitors marketed under the Plug Smart brand.

They have also purchased Zensi, a technology company which makes sensors to give people detailed information on electricity usage. 

The acquisition and investment in new technology is part of Belkin’s strategy to offer energy management products to homes and small businesses, the company said. “Our investment in Juice Technologies builds on our vision to help people make better, more informed decisions about their energy use. Their experience in the utility industry fills a critical need in our go-to-market strategy for our energy management solutions,” said Belkin CEO Mark Reynoso.

In Australia Belkin has gone through several management changes.  Last year Patrick Domingue took on the job as Managing Director of Belkin Australia he replaced Kannyn MacRae, who took on the role of running Belkin Australia in 2005 after Mike Bell quit in a dispute over salaries and the direction of the company.
Also quitting the Company was Mary Henderson (formerly Pateras) the former ANZ Sales Director at Belkin she is now the CEO of Geek It Group.

Under a new management team the Company is now looking to grab a greater share of the home networking market in Australia with the launch of four new routers aimed at delivering multimedia across a wireless network.

The new routers, dubbed Surf, Share, Play and Play Max, come with built-in software for sharing music and other files, streaming music through portable devices, handling auto back-ups and printing wirelessly from any computer in the household.

The easy-setup routers are equipped with one or two USB ports to allow memory sticks to provide additional storage.

Belkin, a private company headquartered in Los Angeles, competes with Dlink and Netgear in the Australian home market, and is either No 1 or No 2 in most sectors, according to Patrick Domingue MD of Belkin A/NZ.

Software on some of the new models includes Music Mover, for playing MP3s from a music library on a home stereo wirelessly; Daily DJ for procuring daily personalised playlists; Torrent Genie for downloading large media files, including movies; and Bit Boost for prioritising video, gaming and VoIP traffic.

Prices of the routers range from $99.95 to $279.95. They’ll be available through the usual retail outlets from June 7.