New Powermat Charges Three Devices Wirelessly
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The new Powermat that allows a user to charge up to three gadgets wirelessly is set to hit Australia next month.

Powermat Blackberry Bundle for $199

From April 15, users can purchase four different variations of the Powermat (Starter Kit, iPhone bundle, Blackberry Bold 9000 bundle, and iPod/iPhone bundle) for $199 from Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, David Jones and Myer.

In a press conference held this morning, National Marketing Manager for Powermat, Mike Morgan said that they want to provide a product that simplifies the way we charge devices.

“The Powermat uses magnetic induction technology that is able to charge devices at a very fast rate. It uses energy, not electricity to charge the device, which means that you won’t get electrocuted when you touch it or if it gets wet. This product is also 5-star energy compliant and intelligent enough to switch off when the battery is full,” said Morgan.

The Smart RFID technology on the Powermat allows a ‘conversation’ between the mat and the battery. It is then able to ‘transfer the exact amount power needed to charge your device and automatically switches off as soon as it is fully charged.’

During the hands-on demonstration, we were able to charge an iPhone, a Nintendo DS Lite, and an iPod on the mat at the same time. The Powermat is dependent on a proprietary receiver, so you cannot just put a device on top of it expecting it to charge. As soon as you put the device on the Powermat, it will give you a charging activation/deactivation visual and audio confirmation.


While the Powermat is able to charge three devices at any given time, you will only have the opportunity to charge one device out of the box.

  • The ‘Starter Kit’ comes with the Home & Office Powermat and a Universal Powercube charging adapter with 9 different tips (mini-USB, LG, Samsung, microUSB, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, PSP, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson);
  • The Powermat iPhone bundles the Powermat with an iPhone skin;
  • The Powermat Blackberry includes the Powermat and Blackberry Bold 9000 door receiver; and
  • The Powermat iPod/iPhone bundle for all Apple iPod and iPhone users combines the Powermat and universal iPod/iPhone dock.

In order for you to charge more than one device wirelessly, you would need to purchase extra receivers for $49.95, bringing the total amount spent close to $300.

Some of the receivers that will be sold on launch include: iPhone 3G and iPod Touch, Apple Universal dock, Blackberry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Pearl 8110, BlackBerry Curve 8300, Universal Powercube (with 8 interchangeable lens), and Nintendo DS Wrap options for charging Nintendo DS Lite or DSi.