New Quicken Software For Windows 7
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Quicken has launched a new product line which consists of Personal, Personal Plus and Home & Business to help users keep a close eye on savings, expenses, and investments.

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All three versions are compatible with Windows 7 and contains updated 2009/10 Tax Lines and tracking of income and tax-related expenses so users can stay compliant with the ATO. It also includes the latest personal income thresholds to more accurately estimate the user’s tax position at the end of the financial year.
The Quicken Home & Business, designed for personal and business users, is a complete package of financial management tools and encompasses all of the features included in each Quicken 2010 product. The software also creates invoices, generates business activity statement data, and tracks and reports GST.
Quicken Personal Plus features the tools users need to better understand their finances and investments. It shows where income originates and where it’s being spent. Personal Plus provides an instant snapshot of the user’s financial health, illustrated with spending reports and graphs while tracking bank accounts, credit cards, income and expenses. In addition, it also provides immediate illustrations of the user’s financial health with informative reports and graphs, plus it’s easy to track bank accounts, credit cards, income and expenses and schedule bills plus other recurring transactions such as direct debits and salary payments. 
Both Quicken Home & Business and Quicken Personal Plus include integration with Reckon Elite rental software. Designed for property investors and rental property owners requiring superior financial management, Elite Rental enables users to access existing property data, loans, income and expense information. The software is an excellent analytical tool which performs gearing analysis on property purchases, enabling users to know immediately if a property investment makes financial sense.
A complete range of Australian Securities & Investments Commission FIDO tools is included with Quicken Home & Business and Personal Plus.
An enhanced FIDO Superannuation Calculator is the simple way to show how an individual’s choices impact their superannuation over the long term. The FIDO Credit Card Calculator helps manage and reduce credit card debt by allowing users to determine minimum repayments on a credit card, based on the interest rate and current balance.
Quicken Home & Business and Personal Plus also contain the FIDO First Home Saver Account Calculator. Developed in response to the Federal Government’s First Home Saver Account, Quicken allows users to evaluate different savings and contribution scenarios. The FIDO Managed Funds Calculator lets individuals make better investment decisions by illustrating the impact of fees, contributions and changes in preferred funds on their capital.
Other new additions include improved BAS report, Australian Stock Exchange daily share price downloads and numerous reporting enhancements all of which are designed to improve and simplify personal and business finance operations. 
The Quicken 2010 product line is priced at $79 RRP (Personal), $199 (Personal Plus) and $449 (Home & Business). Each is available from retailers nationwide and online at