New Skype With Facebook Integration
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Skype has launched a new software that integrates video calling with Facebook networking.

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Called Skype 5.0, this new software comes integrated with Facebook News Feed, allowing users to stay connected with contacts. It also comes with a new look and feel and also offers a group video calling feature which is available in open beta.

Skype users can keep up-to-date and interact with their Facebook News Feed, including posting status updates, commenting, and liking, directly from Skype. The Facebook Phonebook in Skype allows users to call and SMS their Facebook friends directly on their mobile phones and landlines with just a few clicks. If your Facebook friend is also a Skype contact, you can make a free Skype-to-Skype call.

According to the company, those who download the new Skype will receive a free trial of group video calling in beta for a chance to try out video calling with more than two people.

Skype has also simplified the user interface, allowing users to find existing contacts faster. Other new features include automatic call recovery, call quality manager gauges audio and video quality during calls, providing guidance on resolving problems and improving the call experience, and a Skype Home dashboard.