New Tabs On The Way... Netbooks Over, Says Acer
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It’s bye bye netbooks, hello tabs, says the laptop kings.

Long awaited Acer tabs range to “phase out” netbooks, the Taiwanese giant says.

The tablets which will see the light of day for the first time in Australia most likely in Q2 will push Acer’s well-respected netbooks out in the cold, according to its Sales manager Lu Bing-hsian.

Acer ‘s Tablet OS devices will include a 7-inch and 10.1 model running Android and using Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor.

A Windows 7 model could pre-empt the Android version, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Acer chief Gianfranco Lanci said late last year that he anticipates that Acer will get between 10 to 20 percent of the Tablet market with 12 months and will take the lead from the iPad later on.

The tabs look set to hit the market retailing between $299 to $699.

“They are aimed at phasing out netbooks. That’s the direction of the market,” said Acer’s Lu Bing-hsian.