New Vodofone Rates While Travelling Overseas
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Vodofone Traveller is a new voice roaming pricing platform offered to Vodafone customers that are travel overseas, which covers most destinations that Australians travel to, including New Zealand, the UK, Singapore and China.

This new service can be added to existing plans either before or during their overseas adventures and allows switching between the two tariffs as they move in and out of Australia.

The service covers customers calling home or back to the office, making international calls from another country and when using their mobile for local calls while overseas – particularly important for business customers when meeting new contacts and building relationships in a new market. Vodafone’s business customers also receive the added benefit of free 24/7 customer care while overseas.

Vodafone Traveller’s tariffs are based on four new, geographically-orientated country zones, making it easier and simpler to understand. Zones are; New Zealand and Singapore ($1 to make and receive call; $0.75 for SMS); Europe ($1.50 to make and $1 to receive call; $0.75 for SMS); Asia Pacific and North America ($2 to make and $1 to receive call; $0.75 for SMS); and the rest of the world ($4 to make and $1 to receive call; $0.75 for SMS).

In addition to Vodafone Traveller, Vodafone has launched its new monthly roaming data bundles for mobile broadband customers travelling overseas. Vodafone’s Roaming Data Bundle packages are particularly useful to those customers needing to upload or download documents while on the go. Roaming Data Bundles are available in two sizes; 25MB for $49 per month (Light) and 120MB for $199 per month (Heavy).