Nicholls Telco Ref For NBN Rows
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Dr Rob Nicholls to be new telco adjudicator.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has approved the nomination of Dr Rob Nicholls as Independent Telecommunications Adjudicator.

The adjudicator will make binding rulings in respect of the processes that Telstra must follow regarding network access by third parties and how end users will migrate to current networks to the National Broadband Network

 Dr Nicholls was nominated by the Office of the ITA.

The ACCC approved the nomination after conducting targeted consultation with industry.Telstra’s wholesale customers have expressed support for the appointment of Dr Nicholls.

The consumer watchdog says it is “confident that Dr Nicholls’ extensive technical and practical experience will enable him to perform the role”

The appointment of Dr Nicholls is the final piece of regulatory approval required for the commencement of the new adjudicator role.