Nielsen Boots Out PiMP.TV As It Fiddles Figures
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PiMP.TV is not a safe bet after findings show it manipulated its website traffic numbers.

PiMP.TV, which promises a daily dose of “games, girls and gadgets” was counting its pop-ups in other websites in its visitor numbers, despite the fact browsers did not request to enter this site. 
The original site users wish to view is inaccessible until the top browser window is closed or minimized via a click, which is counted as a unique visitor. And advertisers beware. 
This not only leads to manipulation of figures but display ads may not be viewable by users since they are effectively bypassing the address. 
 “When a user visits any of these external sites and clicks on a link, PiMP.TV (and other sites) opens in a background browser tab even though the user did not request to view this site” the Audit Bureau of Australia said in a statement.
This contravenes ABA rules on traffic counting, since the user did not request or search for the site.
 The newly delisted site has been given the chop from media directories including ABA Masthead Reports and Nielsen Market Intelligence daily website rankings. It is also no longer regarded as safe website to visit and revoked from the ABA’s list of safe web addresses. 

CAB said they reviewed the case and have informed the company of the issues but have “been unable to resolve the issue and re-establish compliant measurement.” 

There are also several other offenders named by the ABA including including,,,,,