Nintendo 3DS Celebrates 'Record' Sales Despite Health Risks
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Nintendo 3DS sold 31,000 units in four days here, but doubt still hovers over safety of the console as thousands in the UK return the device reporting dizziness and headaches.

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“Nintendo’s new device which offers entertainment in 3D without the need for special glasses, has already sold through more than 31,000 units!” it proclaimed in a press release this morning. It was launched on March 31.

However, what Nintendo Australia are not saying is how many complaints, if any, they have received from gamers here, or to confirm possible symptoms to look out for, despite the well-publicised health risks that can occur.

This is even more urgent if sales of 3DS are so high here.

The 3DS flashes separate images into each eye, creating the illusion of depth.

The gamer had previously admitted a small percentage of people are susceptible to dizzy symptoms when viewing similar films or television in 3D- because of the way eyes are required to focus on two different inputs in the absence of other sensory cues.

3D TV manufacturers often place warnings in instruction manuals that some people experience discomfort while viewing such imaging in 3D.

“This has been achieved in only four days, and gives Nintendo 3DS the record for best handheld launch in Australia” beaten only by the Wii, which flogged 32,000 units.


Some gamers made ill by 3DS console have been refused full refunds from retailers in the UK, according to media reports.