No More Bill Shock: Strone Roam Looks To Cut Roaming Costs
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Aussie start-up Strone Technology has launched an Indiegogo campaign, offering preorders of its Strone Roam device, which allows users to use their mobile number while overseas while avoiding roaming charges.The Strone Roam is a smart device that connects calls to and from the user’s mobile number via an app on the user’s smartphone or tablet.

Before users travel overseas, they connect the Strone Roam, which is about the size of a soft drink can, to an Ethernet connection at their home or office, taking their SIM card from their mobile phone and inserting it into the device. Connected to the internet, the Strone Roam then pairs with the app on the user’s smartphone or tablet.

Users can make and receive calls and text messages without incurring international roaming charges via the app, available for Android, iOS or web, with the calls sent back to the user’s home country and charged to their normal telco plan.

Strone also provides users with an international data SIM to use when outside of a Wi-Fi area, with data available for pre-purchase.

“Fear of exorbitant international roaming charges is a major issue for travellers and nobody has been able to provide a full solution to avoid the cost and inconvenience, no matter which carrier or which country you travel to,” Tas Tudor, Strone CEO and director, commented.

“It is time to put the fear of roaming behind us. We are encouraging everyone that wants hassle-free, affordable global communication to go to Indiegogo and order their Strone Roam now.

Further information can be found here.