No Wire Clutter With Crest Charger
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Crest has launched the Powerdock, a charging solution that allows consumers to charge up to four different types of mobile devices at once.

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Powerdock, which possesses only one mains power cord, comes with three interchangeable charging ‘slices’ (iPod/iPhone, mini USB, and a Nokia 2mm jack) as well as one permanent USB charging outlet.

Crest’s Power Category Manager, Colin Holdsworth, said, “When you’re trying to charge multiple mobile devices, there’s nothing worse than trying to find the right chargers and then having to deal with the mess of tangled cords.”

The company has found that an average household has more than five mobile devices, many of which typically possess different types of charging connections.

“Our insights have clearly led Crest to design, develop and launch Powerdock, an innovative portable 4-in-1 multi-charging unit that takes the mess and inconvenience out of charging mobile devices,” said Holdsworth.

Another ten individual charging slices are also available (connections for phones by Samsung, LG, Motorolla, Sony Ericson, games units PSP, Nintendo DSi) for separate purchase ($14.95) by consumers.

The Crest Powerdock is now available for $79.95.