Nodemobile: A Gr8 Facebook Friend
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Calling all Facebook addicts: Get 150GB of Facebook, Twitter data on new mobile plans.

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Internode NodeMobile has released new mobile plans that come with a massive 150GB social networking allowance – meaning you can check in with your mates, Tweet and browse on eBay 4 eva.

The super cheap plans, ranging from $10 to $40 a month – come with super generous data quotas – an incredible 150GB per month for use with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay and Foursquare.

Internode customers migrating to NodeMobile plans from other carriers can carry their existing mobile number over and the NodeMobile SIM card just inserts into their existing mobile.

The plans start at $25 (NodeMobile Sim costs $10 and rental starts at $10 plus $5 delivery) for Starter 200MB plan (for other Internet usage ) to $40 for the Premium plan with a massive 3 GB data.

Call and text allowances start from $165-$750.

NodeMobile Value and Premium customers also get monthly calls to NodeMobile inclusion.

To reduce the risk of “bill shock”, the plans also offer alerts for included voice and data allowances, so customers are informed about how much of their quota is used.

The NodeMobile service is available only to existing Internode customers with a fixed location service such as ADSL, Fibre to the Home or NodeLine.


NodeMobile runs over the Optus mobile phone network, which covers 97 per cent of the population.

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