Now Google Goes 3D Desktop
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First it was Avatar in 3D, then came 3D TVs, now Google is jumping on the 3D bandwagon with the aquisition of BumpTop, a 3D desktop company.

The deal gives Google access to the 3D desktop environment created originally for Macs and Windows PCs. As a result of the move, BumpTop said it will stop selling the Pro version of the app immediately and take down the free version after a week.

None of the involved companies has outlined the stated goals in buying the smaller company, but the plan is likely to affect Android, Chrome OS, or both.
Google already has small 3D elements in Android 2.1, such as the photo gallery, but now appears to be more interested in spreading these elements elsewhere. BumpTop isn’t designed for the touch environment of Android but lets users arrange app icons and windows in a virtual space while putting notes, photos and other content directly in view, including on the walls.