OFFICIAL: Samsung 10.1 Press Event Cancelled, Thanks Apple
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Fearing Samsung’s 10.1 Tablet could steal sales, Apple is buying time through litigation while it waits for its new iPhone and iPad to be released.

It is official. Through litigation Apple has bullied Samsung into postponing its Australian media launch for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Initially the event was scheduled for the 11th of August 2011, but Apple’s legal dance has forced the South Korean giant to put off the highly anticipated launch of what’s believed to be the best Android Tablet.

When speaking to Gizmodo, Samsung have assured that their tablet hasn’t been cancelled and it will be launched in “the near future.”

At present, the Tablet’s launch date is pending a lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, with Apple claiming the 10.1’s design is too similar to the iPad’s and infringes one of their many patents.

It seems Apple don’t just have apps for that, they have patents for ’em too.

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