OLED TV & Mini Notebook Panels Set For Sales Surge
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According to DisplaySearch, there will be a 167 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for shipments of OLED panels from 2007 to 2015, and a CAGR for mini-note PC applications of 74 per cent over the next eight years.

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“OLED TV and mini-note PC applications are the next big opportunity for flat panel suppliers,” explained David Barnes, VP of Strategic Analysis for DisplaySearch. He added, “Last year, we identified the potential for digital picture frame demand to lead unit growth. That application is still growing strong but these two applications will be even stronger.”

Shipments of flat panels for all applications decreased 12 per cent from Q4’07 to 881.7 million units on normal seasonal weakness in Q1’08.

Compared to Q1’07, shipments increased 15 per cent, led by demand for mini-note PC, digital picture frames and portable navigation devices.

On a unit share basis, mobile phone applications consumed 45.8 per cent of all flat panels in Q1’08.

By comparison, the next largest consumption came from conventional PC applications for desktop and laptop displays, which used 9.1 per cent of the flat panels shipped.

Panels for LCD TV and Plasma TV sets comprised 3.5 per cent of shipments.

On a display area basis, TFT LCD technology provided 88.6 per cent in Q1’08.

PDP technology delivered 9.4 per cent and OLED delivered 0.1 per cent of the total.