Following our review on the new Uniden Power Pad last week, we were curious to see how the new Olin Wireless Charger For iPhone would compare.

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Like the Uniden Power Pad, the Olin Wireless Charger is easy to use. Every time we needed to charge the unit, we simply had to drop it on the mat. Out of the box you get an AC adaptor, charging pad, and a receiver sleeve for the iPhone.

Once the iPhone in placed in the receiver sleeve, a user can place it onto the charging pad for charging. The blue light will illuminate during the charging process and will switch off as soon as the charging is done. Olin says that the wireless charger comes with over/under voltage protection, short circuit protection and overcharge protection.

Since the package only comes with one sleeve, you can only charge your iPhone out of the box. In addition, the pad only has enough space for the iPhone, making it very limited. It could have been better if Olin added an accessory similar to Uniden’s Power Disc to charge other products, but as of this time of writing, it seems that there isn’t any.

It took about two hours to fully charge our iPhone. During our test, we heard a faint but annoying ticking sound coming from the unit. It is only by turning up our digital radio that we were able to drown the sound.

Overall, we found the Olin Wireless Charger For iPhone to be very limited. Sure it charges your iPhone, but for $149, we were expecting more from this product. If you want a wireless mat that can charge more than your iPhone, then we recommend the Uniden Power Pad Deluxe Kit that comes with the pad, an iPhone sleeve and a power disc with 8 interchangeable tips for $179.95.