Online Ads Splurge Up 23 Per Cent
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Spending on online advertising expenditure in Australia hit a record $571.75 million in the third quarter of 2010.The results from IAB Australia’s Online Advertising Expenditure Report show an increase of $105.5 million, up 23 percent on the same period last year.

Growth was experienced in all categories, with general display, classifieds and search and directories recording 26 percent, 30 percent and 18 percent growth respectively.

“This latest expenditure data puts the medium on track to exceed $2.2 billion for calendar year 2010, taking a growing share of the Australian total advertising market,” says Paul Fisher, CEO of IAB Australia

General display advertising and classifieds advertising accounted for 26.5 percent and 24.6 percent respectively, of the total advertising expenditure for the third-quarter 2010, while search & directories advertising comprised the remaining 48.9 percent.

Within general display, based on the submissions received for Q3 2010, email-based advertising made up  $7.6 million of total advertising expenditure, a six percent increase from Q3 2009.

Video-based advertising comprised $8.4 million, slightly down on Q2 2010, but a major increase of 62 percent from the Q3 2009 figure.

Finance, motor vehicles and computers and communications continue to be the dominant industries using general display advertising, comprising 44.3 percent of the general display spending. Real estate was the leading category for classifieds.